NO “I” IN TEAM!!!! (MUSIC BUSINESS 101 vol.1)


Be passionate, stay focused and stay driven! An agent, an attorney and a publicist discuss what an artist’s team does, some of the common pitfalls they have seen from their clients and the transition from songwriter to artist.

They began talking about the artist team and discussed the roles of the publicist, agent and attorney. A publicist’s job is to formulate the image that the public sees. They are responsible for all media formats whether it be print, online or television. It was said that the agent is like an extension of management. The music agent assists in putting tours together and figures out how to take an artist from the ground level to the arena stadium level. The attorney is there when it is time to negotiate and sometimes they act as manager since they usually are the first member of an artist’s team.

In more depth, the agent deals with more of the touring aspect, film and TV, and they usually work more with the manager than the artist. While the manager works more with the day-to-day activities such as working with record companies, scheduling, etc.

They then began to mention some of the most common falls that their clients experience. Some clients allow the media to guide them instead of them guiding the media. This is one of the challenges that a publicist faces. A challenge that the agent faces is getting the artist to understand the economy. An artist should step back and ask themselves “how much will a fan pay for my music.” Lastly, it was agreed from all three that the attorney is probably the most important part of the team and should be one of the first people on an artist’s team.

Lately it has become a very common trend for songwriters to become artists. The transition is said to depend on the artist and their “buzz.” Most of the time, however, it is difficult because a well-known songwriter is seen as the behind the scenes person who is crafting the hits and not as the performer. Changing the personality and image of that is said to be difficult, but can be done. Keri Hilson and Ne-Yo were used as examples.

Sitting in with my mentor, T.S.O.P. legend, Bruce Hawes: the end of the sessionhe gave this advice: KEEP GOD FIRST !!! stay focused and driven, be a hard worker, be passionate and remember that this is a business.  “Nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream.”

Develop a great team so you can focus on your craft and be the successful singer/songwriter that you want to be.

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