“Mistaken Identity – NOT GUILTY” Chapter 7 – “Manifested”

I decided to give the people a little bit more insight of the work being put in.  THANK YOU..>> THANK YOU..>> THANK YOU!

2014 America experienced repetitive scenarios of black men being killed by police while unarmed; police were being justified in their doing so.  I was closely touched by the situations… John Crawford, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, 12 year old Tamar Rice, just to name a few.  Heavily dawned by my personal experience, I kept focus on a key factor – God allowed me to live!  I would quite often think back to the time I did in prison, prior to experiencing this incident.  Much of that time was spent searching within myself – locating the core of my existence; I found that niche that was suitable to a direct sense of uncomfortable comfort.  I was not looking for a comfort that was necessarily comfortable, but a comfort that would allow me to generate & maintain this eternal sense of persistence through faith….

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