Mind Control… Merry Christmas!!!

How was your Christmas? Did it mean what you feel it was supposed to feel???   As said in the introduction to this blog….. This blog for discussions on subjects of substance that will positively influence the rise of those stopping by.   Thank you for every visit you make to the blog.   We will… Continue reading Mind Control… Merry Christmas!!!

“The Felony”

To The President MY LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT Dec.12, 2011 To: President Barack Obama From: V. Emory RE: THE FELONY “I’ve asked for guidance as to how to address my issue. The answer has been given…. I have not, because I ask not.” -V. Emory I would like to first commend you on your efforts… Continue reading “The Felony”


Welcome to roundtablediscussions.com.  Know…. I have a genuine agenda.  This is an effort to discuss…..   1.  The primary reason for starting this forum is to connect a diverse and versatile set of interfaces for discussions on subjects of substance for the benefits of elevation to all as human. 2.  No one else seems to be… Continue reading Strugglenomics…101